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I fully believe our bodies are designed to heal themselves, supplied with modalities that encompass Mind, Body, and Soul! It is my passion to help you to find what your body is calling for to heal! Everybody is different just as everybody is different! Our bodies whisper to us when we refuse to listen, they speak loudly in the form of pain, fatigue, anxiety, and various other ailments! I pride myself on creating a sacred space of privacy, non-judgment, and honoring your specific needs! Using my treatment modalities but also sharing my knowledge and connection to a vast array of techniques and resources!

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“Sandy is the perfect fit!  Each visit Sandy is professional, and grounded.  Her space is clean, and very comfortable.  Her massage is the perfect blend of spa and therapeutic.   I have been seeing Sandy for over a year because each time I am there I get the same high quality treatment.  She is definitely someone you need to try, cause she is not like the others.”


Colleen Thompson

"Sandy is so professional, considerate, and amazing at what she does!  I always manage to fall alseep at some point, lol.  Her room is relaxing and I feel so comfortable.  Thank you for all you do to make me feel pampered."

Kelly Horan

Sandy is a knowledgeable and attentive coach.  She picked up on important dietary aspects of my food and water intake and offered valuable and attainable solutions.

Robert Hemming

"Sandy is a great coach.  She made me feel relaxed and comfortable which helped me let down my guard and attain greater knowledge of myself through self reflection.  It was an enjoyable experience as she helped me find my action steps to buildling a healther lifestyle."
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