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Who Am I?

This is the question that started my journey of self discovery and constant exploration of the lessons of this human experience!

I was a busy child, a rebellious teen, and married young! Had my children close together. Loved being a wife, mother, and my career! Fast forward to teen kids starting to pull away and exploring their own adventures.

Who am I? I still worked my ho

me-based business, full time as an esthetician but I had a lot of time on my hands! I was not a person to relax!

I started running half marathons, participating in extreme biking tours and 2-to-3-day backpacking trips into the mountains! These things rejuvenated me! I still worked full time, chauffeured the kids, ran the house, helped elderly parents, etc. etc etc.

Who am I?

Everyone else came first, then me. I started to wonder what do I like to do? What are my passions? What lights me up?

One thing I did do for myself is Ortho Bionomy! It is a non-invasive bodywork therapy that re~educates the body through self corrective reflexes to find ease and balance. It wasn't just Ortho Bionomy that this therapist introduced me to, it was the knowledge this woman had was phenomenal!! Chinese medicine, crystals, essential oils, energy, emotions, food and so many other holistic therapies. This lit the fire in me to learn as much as I could. I believe the body is designed to heal itself, it is constantly communicating with us to supply it with what it needs to do this. Body, Mind and Spirit. One of the first books I read was The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. I started to explore all sorts of Holistic

Modalities. Some resonated with me, and my body responded. Others, I quickly learned were not for me. I stored this knowledge, shared with a few clients, friends and family members. I absolutely loved finding what rejuvenated and sparked me. I also loved sharing with others.

But……not all my close family members were supportive. My husband called it my “hocus pocus” stuff, an

d my parents had very strong traditional beliefs and thought it was nonsense. Some friends and clients rolled their eyes at me. I started being very careful who I shared with.

Who am I?

Life rolled along. The kids leaving home was a huge adjustment. I turned more and more to my essential oils, crystals, EFT tapping, meditation, journaling, energy work, but in private.

As I continued working full time offering aesthetics services, I realized when I touched people, I would often get a

n intuitive feeling of what may be beneficial for them. A different perspective, a food sensitivity, pain in their body… Sometimes I would share it with them, but most times I felt I couldn't and held it in. I thought people would think I am weird. You know, my “hocus pocus” nonsense…

Who am I?

I took courses that aligned with my “secret” beliefs: Healing massage, Access Bars, Reiki, Leading Circle, Intuitive Workshops, Sound Therapy, Health and Life Coaching and the list goes on!

In 2018 we moved, which is another story, for another time…

We ended up in another small Alberta town. My first job was as an esthetician in a local salon. I was also able to do m

y Healing massage and Access Bars. As time went on, I discovered more and more people were open to Holistic Healing, and I was able to be more myself than ever before! The more I was true to who I am the more I found like minded people. Even former clients, friends, and family I started to learn were interested in alternative modalities, even my husband started coming around!

Who am I?

I cannot label myself, as we are al

l ever evolving, minute by minute, day by day! Trying to stay present. I do know I want to share what I know and learn from others. Not everything resonates. I truly be

lieve we all must learn what is true for us. Everybody is different just like every ‘body’ is different, thankfully! What a boring place it would be if we all liked, needed, and thought the same!

Everyday I work at silencing those old non serving voices in my head and the labels that had left an impact: Hocus pocus,

Nonsense, eye rolling. I will forever be eager to listen and learn from kind, caring nonjudgmental perspectives!

Who am I?

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